WE Nation specializes in empowering students with Generational Leadership skills that prepare them for college and the life after. By helping students learn tools that transcend any generation, they are now able to adapt, innovate the world around them, while living the life of their dreams. We help students maxx out college, so college will maxx out their life.



Corry Worrell is a Generational Leadership Speaker and Founder of WE Nation Enterprises.

He was 1 of 5 National Speakers in North America for Tony Robbins. With a B.S. in Psychology minor in Communication and 15 years of expertise in the field of Career Development he has worked with and successfully coached and develop people from various generations including Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and GenZ on how to create the career of their dreams. Corry has delivered well over 300+ presentations to major Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations and leadership conferences.


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The Career Path Maxx Out: 36 Tips to Jump Start Your Career

Is there a specific career path that you want to work in, but you lack the specific strategies to make it a reality? Do you feel limited in what you can do in your career due to the lack of people you know? Are you looking for the competitive edge that will position you as the marquee candidate for any and every career opportunity you choose to be a part of? In the Maxx Out Your Career Path program, you will learn all this and more.
Here are the skill sets you will learn on your road to career development mastery:

  • Develop powerful career search mindsets
  • Create the blueprint for your career search
  • Identify career steps that successful people make vs the unsuccessful
  • Accessing and building powerful networks that serve your career
  • Dominate networking events




Corry Worrell is available to speak for your keynote presentation, workshop, or college empowerment sessions. Send a message below and we will contact you with in 24hrs.